Windows and Doors

Stand in the room, walk slowly toward the window or door and feel the temperature change as you get closer. Put your hands close to the glass areas and around the perimeter. It will always be slightly colder in this area but if it is easy to feel a difference, you may need to have some caulking or capping done on the exterior, add a storm door to an exterior door or maybe change the windows or doors completely. At the very least, closing blinds or hanging heavier weight curtains or drapes can help on the coldest days. Remember it doesn’t have to be a draft to make your room colder. Just a very cold surface will cause the temperature to drop.

At Unified Windows, Doors, Siding and Roofing we send trained estimators to evaluate the problems at no cost and with no obligatons. Any recommendations and prices for the work are put in writing in a detailed estimate and all of our work is guaranteed lifetime. Our three showrooms are open 7 days a week so call (888) 631-2131 anytime for a free in home estimate or visit our website at www.uwds.comWritten by: Steven J DiMare Chief Executive Officer Unified Window Systems, Inc.Keep in mind, a truly reputable company will send a trained inspector or estimator to your home and won’t charge you a penny for that service. Once they provide a recommendation of how to fix the problems, you should always get a few estimates to make sure you’re not being overcharged for the work needed.
Pick an especially cold and windy day and follow these steps to assess your home heating problems: